Sunhaze embodies the diverse landscape of their Californian roots. Surf-pop guitars and atmospheric synth amidst melancholic melodies create an aural environment influenced by coastlines and city streets.

Formed in 2012, Sunhaze originated from the vision of Danae Labraña, a San Francisco transplant hailing from the shores of Santa Barbara. Fellow San Francisco State alumni Priscilla del Rosario and Erin Walter joined Labraña to incorporate synth and bass layers to a handful of Labraña's rhythm guitar-driven singer-songwriter works. Brandon Iljas on drums joined the band in 2013 after he'd been looking for musical projects on Craigslist. Aaron Chin on lead guitar completed the lineup in 2013, but left in 2016 to pursue studies in medicine. Jay Lee on lead guitar, also an SFSU alumni, joined in 2016 in place of Chin. 

Sunhaze debuted their Last Summer EP in Fall 2014. Their debut album Wishful Thinking succeeds the previous bright sun-baked release with a culmination of pop hooks, dynamic rhythms, and darker undertones; released October 7th, 2016.