Sunhaze embodies the diverse landscape of their Californian roots. Surf-pop guitars and atmospheric synth amidst melancholic melodies create an aural environment influenced by coastlines and city streets.

Formed in 2012, Sunhaze originated from the vision of Danae Labraña, a San Francisco transplant hailing from the shores of Santa Barbara. Fellow San Francisco State alumni Priscilla del Rosario with Erin Walter then added their native Bay Area-influenced elements to a handful of Labraña's singer-songwriter works. The last two additions Brandon Iljas and Aaron Chin completed the lineup soon after and as a group, they began molding their sound. 

Sunhaze debuted their Last Summer EP in Fall 2014. Their debut album Wishful Thinking succeeds the previous bright sun-baked release with a culmination of pop hooks, dynamic rhythms, and darker undertones; released October 7th, 2016.