Record Release/ Halloween Party aftermath

Woooeee! Our Halloween 2016 Record Release party is undoubtedly one for the books. 

(Credit to Robert Alleyne for the above photos)

THANK YOU from the bottom of our little hearts to all who came out to celebrate and support the release of our debut LP, "Wishful Thinking". We are elated with the turn out and, must say, extremely impressed with the Halloween costumes that surrounded us.

Phosphene opened up the night with a set filled with beauty. We hardly even noticed extra spooky movie, "The Shinning", playing in the background as Rachel's vocals captured the crowd. EagleWolfSnake followed - dressed up as Devo - and, without fail, got the crowd movin their feet and bangin their heads. Always good times and good vibes with these two bands!

On this special, spooky night- we also conjured up a few tricks and treats for the enthusiastic crowd. Killa started off the treat distribution by personally handing out home made punkin cookies for the first 20 guests and Danae made a Sunhaze TREATS bucket filled to the brim with that good good. (She would like to take this moment to apologize to anyone she unintentionally smacked in the head while tossing the candy into the crowd.)

We also had a guest appearance from none other than Dubz- our original lead guitarist and cowriter to all the songs on the album! So great to watch him shred one last time before he dives deep into med school! Go get 'em, Dr. Dubz!

Photo by the homie, Warchill!

Photo by the homie, Warchill!

All in all- the night was a success. Thank you to Eric and the Milk Bar for having us and Paul for being the most accommodating sound engineer. We have a few shows in the works so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep ya'self knowledged on confirmed dates!

Cheers, bbs.


'Wishful Thinking' Record Release + Party @ Milk Bar

If you haven't already heard the news on some of our other, various, social media channels - our very first LP 'Wishful Thinking' was released earlier this month. We could not be more thrilled at the response and feedback we have gotten thus far. Thank you all for listening, liking, loving and sharing these original tunes that we put our little hearts into. 

"Wishful Thinking" is a wonderful work of songwriting, performance, and production. It is an album that proves Sunhaze is not just another pop band, but rather an act that has the potential to grow into something very unique and creative. It isn’t just emotional and it isn’t just melodically beautiful, it is intricate and diverse."


Huge props to:

The engineers who helped make this project happen: Sean PaulsonBrandon Martinez, and Derek Schultz - we love you

Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering

And Different Fur Studios for letting us practically live in your space, make as much noise as we wanted and drink your Jameson. Forever gratitude xx

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Sunhaze is joining forces, and sharing the stage, with good friends Phosphene and EagleWolfSnake. We're throwing the biggest, baddest, spooktackiest Halloween record release party at Milk Bar on Saturday, October 29th and you should most definitely be there!

Get your tickets here!

And, for those early birds who not only want to get a good spot on the dance floor, there are going to be cobweb (iced) pumpkin cookies for the first 20 guests there. These little beauties were baked by none other than the key killa herself. Check em out:

That's all for now. See you at the show all you goblins and ghouls.


New Single "Buddy" + Music Video

We released our second single off our upcoming album Wishful Thinking on September 11th, 2016. As the opening track, "Buddy" sets a mood filled with dark, "chilled out vibes." The new track premiered on Indie Shuffle:

Leaning on a more melancholic tune than the normal stuff they have put out, Sunhaze rocks some catchy vocals over some dramatic and slightly dreary production.
— Indie Shuffle

Ready for some ear-massaging? Listen to "Buddy" below:

If you like the track, it'd be a huge help if you could share our Soundcloud song link: Thank you endlessly!

We also filmed a music video for "Buddy" and we're getting ready to release it! Here are a few stills from the video:

Stay tuned by liking/following us on Facebook & Instagram!

Lead Single Released + Album Release Date Announced!

"Always You" was released on Friday, July 15th, 2016. Major thanks to idobi Radio for premiering the track and Impose for a beautiful write-up and interview with our very own Danae Labrana. Here's a snippet of what they had to say about "Always You":

Once upon a time, this writer once dubbed San Francisco as the west coast’s own dream pop capitol. While much of this still remains true, San Francisco’s Sunhaze provide soundtracks for daydreams, afternoon hikes, brunch bound destinations, and twilight getaways. [...]Sunhaze breaks through the barriers of the temporal as their sound & lyrics reach out for a longer lasting touch.

Also announced was the album title and release date - Wishful Thinking is coming October 7th, 2016. If you haven't already, check out "Always You" below!

One Step Closer...To Releasing This Record!

If you play in a band, you know how ridiculously time-consuming it can be to get a record out there. All in all, it took us 365 days to finish writing, recording, mixing, and mastering our debut full-length. Granted, we took our time during the first 6 months but damn, that's still a long stretch!

We're stoked to finally start promoting the upcoming record with the sweet professional help of our friends at Manimal PR! We've got a bunch of goodness in store for you leading up to the record release so get ready!

For any press info, don't hesitate to reach out to the dopest