The Last Summer EP is Coming...dun dun dun...

Today we announced the release date of our Last Summer EP for 10/21/14!  We've put in ridiculous amounts of brain power, labor, cash flow, sangria, mimosas, gin, and time all for good fun and creative exercise.  In the end, we hope to do what we love and share it with you in order for you to find out of it something meaningful, relevant, or simply audibly delicious!

We can't give enough thanks to Andrew Oswald and Justin Divver at Secret Bathroom, Steve Corrao at Sage Audio, Izzy Sanchez, Mark Sandhoff, Sarah Sexton at Oaktown Indie Mayhem, and Nicholas Schneider at The Bay Bridged.  To all of our friends and family, thank you for supporting us in whatever way you can.  Everything about you has helped us make all this and we seriously love you for it.

Here it is, the unveiling of the cover for the EP.  Stay tuned and get endlessly excited with us these days leading up to the release.