Recording at Ex'pression and Upcoming Show at Milk Bar!

First thing: We've been in the studio writing a bunch lately and although it's great and all (mostly creatively challenging and sometimes annoying), it's nice to be able to switch up the pace. This weekend we have a couple recording sessions lined up with a friend over at Ex'pression College. It'll be good for us to dissect one of the newest songs we've been working on and hopefully it'll be a reflective experience yielding all kinds of sunhaze-y light for us.

Second thing: YAY, a show!! We're extremely excited to announce that we'll be back at Milk Bar on Friday, December 19th.  We've missed your faces! It'll be a super special Last Summer EP release party as well as a holiday party so make sure not to miss this one. Rudolf noses and elf ears welcome. Stay tuned for more info!