Enchanted Forest Vibes

Played an acoustic set last night in an enchanted forest...in a garden...in a backyard...and it ruled.

With the lovely hanging lights, friendly vibes, and warmly welcoming atmosphere, it was more than we were expecting in the best way possible.  We've never played acoustic before so it was a new experience trying to make arrangements of our music which normally includes vocal mics, lead guitar, bass guitar, a full drum kit, keyboard, and synth.  In this setup, we had two acoustic guitars, a floor tom, two tambos, and two shakers.  Stripped down for sure.  

Special thanks to Sasha Reynolds and Garden Shows for putting on the event and Priscilla's parents for coming through and bringing along her super cool 11 year-old nephew Milo.  Of course, we can't forget all the creative souls that graced us with their physical presence and helped transform a backyard into an enchanted musical adventure, including that one guy who was sippin' on a bottle of Hennessy yelling chants talkin' 'bout TURN - IT - UP.  Even. That. Guy.  THANK YOU. 

Stay tuned for the premiere of our first single "Last Summer!"

Photo: Meredith Hansen