Elbo Room Recap, Sadness, Good Life, and Hemlock Round II

Okay, we'll just say it now...we haven't updated our blog in far too long and yes, it's a damn shame! I mean, there's plenty to talk about - our show at Elbo Room (3/31/15), Elbo Room relocating, the Warriors sweeping the Pelicans in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, Freddie Gray and Baltimore, May Day, Pacquiao losing to Mayweather, Steph Curry getting the MVP title for the NBA 2014-2015 season, the list goes on and on. To keep it short, we'll keep it Sunhaze (not Sunhaze-related because all the aforementioned topics are naturally Sunhaze-related due to the fact that, inevitably, we all are products of our surrounding cultures, current events, philosophies and our understanding of them)...

Elbo Room, March 31st - It's really all about the music and the venue. Being able to share the evening with our good homies-even-though-we've-never-hung-out-with-them-outside-of-music-but-really-want-to-because-they're-dope from Brentwood Summer Peaks was rad. They've been friends with each other forever and it really materializes well through their music because of how tight-knit it is. Also on the bill with us was The Saint Ides from Oakland. Their classic rock & roll sound with windows of California indie surf was a sweet treat. And Elbo Room itself - it was the first venue we ever played back in August 2013 and it holds a dear place in our hearts. We're sad to hear that they'll be leaving their Valencia location (read more here) but excited for whatever new place they decide to call home.

Hemlock Tavern, May 9th - Pretty much looking forward to meeting and playing with Tomten (baroque pop) from Seattle. They've got some sweet vintage organ tunes in their songs that we're excited to sway to in person. We'll also be sharing the stage with fellow SF bands Vanwave (witch rock) and Magic Magic Roses (folk). Needless to say, it's going to be a good mix of bands on a beautiful Mother's Day Eve. Don't forget to thank ya mamas every, damn, day you're here with us on this planet thing. You can find out more about our show at our super mediocre Facebook Event Page.

That's it for now. Short and sweet! But not. <3