'Wishful Thinking' Record Release + Party @ Milk Bar

If you haven't already heard the news on some of our other, various, social media channels - our very first LP 'Wishful Thinking' was released earlier this month. We could not be more thrilled at the response and feedback we have gotten thus far. Thank you all for listening, liking, loving and sharing these original tunes that we put our little hearts into. 

"Wishful Thinking" is a wonderful work of songwriting, performance, and production. It is an album that proves Sunhaze is not just another pop band, but rather an act that has the potential to grow into something very unique and creative. It isn’t just emotional and it isn’t just melodically beautiful, it is intricate and diverse."


Huge props to:

The engineers who helped make this project happen: Sean PaulsonBrandon Martinez, and Derek Schultz - we love you

Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering

And Different Fur Studios for letting us practically live in your space, make as much noise as we wanted and drink your Jameson. Forever gratitude xx

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Sunhaze is joining forces, and sharing the stage, with good friends Phosphene and EagleWolfSnake. We're throwing the biggest, baddest, spooktackiest Halloween record release party at Milk Bar on Saturday, October 29th and you should most definitely be there!

Get your tickets here!

And, for those early birds who not only want to get a good spot on the dance floor, there are going to be cobweb (iced) pumpkin cookies for the first 20 guests there. These little beauties were baked by none other than the key killa herself. Check em out:

That's all for now. See you at the show all you goblins and ghouls.