Record Release/ Halloween Party aftermath

Woooeee! Our Halloween 2016 Record Release party is undoubtedly one for the books. 

(Credit to Robert Alleyne for the above photos)

THANK YOU from the bottom of our little hearts to all who came out to celebrate and support the release of our debut LP, "Wishful Thinking". We are elated with the turn out and, must say, extremely impressed with the Halloween costumes that surrounded us.

Phosphene opened up the night with a set filled with beauty. We hardly even noticed extra spooky movie, "The Shinning", playing in the background as Rachel's vocals captured the crowd. EagleWolfSnake followed - dressed up as Devo - and, without fail, got the crowd movin their feet and bangin their heads. Always good times and good vibes with these two bands!

On this special, spooky night- we also conjured up a few tricks and treats for the enthusiastic crowd. Killa started off the treat distribution by personally handing out home made punkin cookies for the first 20 guests and Danae made a Sunhaze TREATS bucket filled to the brim with that good good. (She would like to take this moment to apologize to anyone she unintentionally smacked in the head while tossing the candy into the crowd.)

We also had a guest appearance from none other than Dubz- our original lead guitarist and cowriter to all the songs on the album! So great to watch him shred one last time before he dives deep into med school! Go get 'em, Dr. Dubz!

Photo by the homie, Warchill!

Photo by the homie, Warchill!

All in all- the night was a success. Thank you to Eric and the Milk Bar for having us and Paul for being the most accommodating sound engineer. We have a few shows in the works so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep ya'self knowledged on confirmed dates!

Cheers, bbs.